Backyard Wishes
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Our Mission:


Showing compassion in our own backyard by supporting families and empowering kids.


Public Benefit

Backyard Wishes strives to ensure a strong sense of belonging for the children in our community.

Backyard Wishes is the answer to the effects a family’s struggle can have on a child. Requests come by way of the watchful eyes and hearts of the school district’s staff. Our efforts positively assist in a variety of ways, from seasonal clothing to after school activity fees.

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Our Impact

Backyard Wishes served 130 students between September and December of 2018 alone!  There is a strong need within our community for support in the costs associated with locally based school activities, after school childcare, school fees, winter gear, and school clothing.

Backyard Wishes also participates in the annual Waconia High School Awards Ceremony by providing scholarships valued at $500 each.


Our Programs

Backyard Wishes identified a strong need for support of children in the ISD110 school community. Our organization supports payment of locally based school activities, after school childcare, school fees, winter gear for students, and school clothing.

Children achieve a sense of community engagement and belonging by actively participating in the programs we support. Additional requests are also supported.


Creative Arts

Art allows us to express and develop our ideas and emotions. Artistic activities are full of processes that help us to grow and stimulate our creativity. The Arts foster intellectual development by stimulating both sides of the brain. Benefits of participation in creative arts include increased attention and concentration, an introduction to new concepts and improvement of social skills.  


Participation in school sports develops a sense of belonging amongst children and sense of team spirit. Athletics help children to develop mental and physical maturity and overall physical well being.


Music has a positive effect on all areas of child development and skills, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, and overall literacy. Music helps the body and the mind work together and allows children to practice self expression. Gaining new skills in music can enrich the lives of children from learning to play an instrument or listening to the sounds of cultures different from their own.

community enrichment

Backyard Wishes participates in a variety of Community Enrichment programs throughout the calendar year. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and activities you can participate in!



“Backyard Wishes works closely with Waconia School district staff, who help identify families or children in need.”


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Backyard Wishes is a community effort dedicated to supporting families and children in financial need. Your support of our organization makes our mission of inclusion, comfort and sense of belonging for the children of Waconia possible.


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Thank you for your interest in Backyard Wishes and your investment in our community’s children. Please make a donation here in support of our programs in District 110.